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AB „Amber Grid”

AB Amber Grid, Lithuanian gas transmission system operator, ensures reliable and safe gas transmission by high pressure pipelines to the system users. We are responsible for operating, maintaining and developing the gas infrastructure of Lithuania which contains of more than 2100 km of pipes and 2 gas compressor stations. Well-developed Lithuanian gas infrastructure serves as regional hub for the gas transmission towards North in Latvia direction. We are implementing a strategic energy project GIPL, a natural gas infrastructure that will connect Lithuanian and Polish as well as Baltic and Finnish gas transmission systems with the European Union. By achieving the goals of decarbonisation of the gas sector, Amber Grid is actively analyzing the possibilities and conditions for adapting the Lithuanian gas transmission system to the transportation of green gas, including hydrogen.

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UAB MT Group

UAB MT Group is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractor that has been delivering strategic energy projects across Europe since 2008. The company designs and builds natural gas and liquefied natural gas facilities, as well as implements projects for the development and modernisation of oil, ports, and cogeneration plants. MT Group is actively investing in the expertise of renewable energy, biogas infrastructure, offshore wind power plant, carbon capture and hydrogen technology development.

MT Group is probably the most experienced LNG infrastructure contractor in Lithuania, having contributed to the implementation of all major LNG projects on a national scale in the last decade. The company designed and built the Klaipėda LNG terminal interconnecting pipeline with a gas metering station, the Klaipėda LNG distribution station, and an LNG station in Druskininkai. This experience has significantly increased the competence of the company’s specialists and enabled MT Group to compete in the Western European markets.

The experience and a competent team of professionals accumulated over the years of its operation, carrying out innovative (often pilot) energy projects in Lithuania, as well as a strong focus on environmental protection and sustainability, allow UAB MT Group to be called a progressive and innovative company.

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DS-1 – a company with more than 30 years of experience in developing the most advanced engineering systems and energy modernization projects in Lithuania and across Europe. DS-1 offers such services as installation and reconstruction of main and distribution gas pipelines, heat supply networks, power networks & renewable energy, ensures operational maintenance and cathodic protection solutions. Company is focusing on sustainability, innovation, and resilience that drives the transition to a low-carbon future, promotes technological advancements, enhances energy efficiency, improves reliability, and bolsters the collaboration of communities and businesses. With around 250 member companies from all corners of the world, including major international onshore and offshore contractors and their significant subcontractors, DS-1 is a member of International Division of the Pipe Line Contractors Association (IPLOCA), which embraces every discipline associated with the pipeline industry both on and offshore. Moreover, In 2023, the company became a part of The Lithuanian Wind Power Association to contribute defining the quality standards essential for the sector’s development.

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“BIOKONA”, JSC – is a company focused on development of technologies for energy production from renewable energy sources as well as its manufacturing and monitoring. The technologist and engineers can prepare a feasibility study, create and apply technology, design it, select suitable equipment and implement the project. Main areas of activity: biogas power plants, gas filtration and purification, manufacture of electricity production equipment, tri-generation, frost production, biomethane production, hydrogen application on energy production. “BIOKONA”, JSC represents worldwide leading companies in technology area. One of them – 2G Energieteknik GmbH, which produced hydrogen energy generation equipment and is awarded for achievements in hydrogen application area.

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AB „Achema“

Achema is a leading producer of nitrogen fertilizers and chemical products in Lithuania and the Baltic states. First construction works of the factory date back to 1962, however officially the company was founded on February 9, 1965 after the first tonnes of synthetic ammonia were produced in a newly launched ammonia unit. Company’s vision is to be a business leader in the area of high-quality fertilizers and chemical products based on the advantageous technologies and sustainable production in Lithuania and foreign markets.

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For more than five decades, the Western Shipyard (WSY) Group has been the largest marine engineering corporation in Lithuania. Currently, the Group incorporates 20 companies that specialise in different fields of activity, and provides every service related to the life cycle of a ship. The main activities of the companies within the WSY Group are the implementation of shipbuilding, ship repair and conversion projects, complex ship design and engineering solutions, large and complex metal construction and equipment production, maritime cargo handling, and stevedoring services. Being aware of the importance of sustainability in business and having a great sense of responsibility, the Company keeps pace with the changing market trends in the marine engineering industry, introduces technologies, and develops green solutions that make it possible to work in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way, both for the Group itself and for its partners. As a consequence of this chosen direction, the Company is particularly focused on the potential of green hydrogen, which has been named as one of the most efficient sources of renewable energy. The companies within the WSY Group are pooling their knowledge and preparing their technological base not only for the application of green hydrogen technology in ship design, “turn-key” ship building, and ship repair, but also for the production of equipment required for the use of green hydrogen.

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Kaunas University of Technology

KTU is leading Lithuanian university providig a wide range of studies and closely cooperating with business. The University provides studies of engineering, technologies, physical ans social sciences, humanities and arts. The research groups working at KTU contribute to the global scientific knowledge by conducting cutting edge interdisciplinary research on the most important questions of current time.

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Lithuanian energy institute

LEI – is internationally recognized energy-related research, development and innovation (R&D&I) competence center. LEI is state budgetary institution. LEI is a state technical research center dealing with energy related research in various different fields including hydrogen research activities.

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UAB “Vilduja”

The company’s activities are related to the natural gas sector and include the sale of natural gas equipment, production of technological equipment, technical service, and accredited laboratory services.

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Vytautas Magnus university

Vytautas Magnus University devotes special attention to international activities. Their beginnings are traced back to the time when the members of the Lithuanian Diaspora, nurturing thoughts of intellectual and cultural rebirth, started coming to give lectures in the university. Today VMU is collaborating with many universities and scientists around the world, carrying out projects, student and worker exchange, constantly improving the system of studying and research.

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Vilnius university

Vilnius University – the oldest and largest Lithuanian higher education institution. Since its establishment in the 16th century, Vilnius University, as integral part of European science and culture has embodied the concept­ of a classical university and the unity of studies and research.

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