The Lithuanian hydrogen energy
association is a non-profit organization which involves companies, scholars from research institutes
and universities, which works on hydrogen-related area including scientific investigation, R&D,
education, etc. The main aim of our association is to consolidate various Lithuanian organizations
interested in hydrogen and promote its development in production, storage, transportation and various
application areas. Our members are focused on different hydrogen-related fields, which covers:

  • Information and dissemination
  • Education of students and society
  • Research and development
  • Implementation of projects related to hydrogen technologies
  • Commercialization of novel energy solutions
  • Other hydrogen related areas


Hydrogen energy association at Lithuania is a member or three international and one national platforms, which combine strongest hydrogen-energy-related groups from Lithuania, Europe or even the whole world:

  • Hydrogen Europe Industry is the leading European association promoting hydrogen as the enabler of a zero emission society. With over 185 industry members, the association represents companies of all sizes. More info about Hydrogen Europe.
  • World Hydrogen Leaders is an online networking and content delivery platform designed to accelerate the production and distribution of clean hydrogen. More info about World Hydrogen Leaders.
  • Baltic Sea Region Hydrogen Network is a cluster of hydrogen associations from all Baltic region countries. The network was established in order to strengthen energy economy in Baltic region, share the information between partners and organize joint hydrogen-related projects.
  • Lithuanian hydrogen energy platform is Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania established structure, which combine all hydrogen-interested parts in general.